So here we go.

My first shot at a few links I haven’t tweeted yet this week for your reading and development.

They helped me so I trust they will help you as well.


7 Motives in Our Work by Matt Perman. SOLID post on why we should work and work hard.

The Subtle Art of Sabotoging a Pastor by my friend Jared Wilson at Desiring God

36 Purposes of God in Suffering by Paul Tautges. FANTASTIC list you should immediately file away and plan to use in a sermon soon.

What Every Pastor Must Hear and Confess by Paul Tripp. Good for your soul. Read it.

7 Scripture Texts on Evangelism by Tim Challies. Can’t go wrong with Scripture.

So there you go. I’ll try to get you more as I go, but trust that anything I send you will be worth the time.

Blessings until next week.